Capture 360° Your Auction

When using 360°Auction®, the only requirement is a smartphone.
360°Auction® revolutionizes the used car auction industry by leveraging innovative technology to shape the future of the market.

About 360°Auction®

Enhancing the quality of vehicle inspection with 360° visualization.

360°Auction® is a service tailored for the used car auction industry, facilitating easy 360° photography of vehicles' interiors and exteriors.

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360°Auction® offers services that enhance operational efficiency in the used car auction industry.

Service 1

Achieving a one-stop solution from capture to posting using an app.

Both the exterior and interior※1 can be photographed using a smartphone app.

Service 2

Automatically integrating with the auction system.

The generated 360° views can be automatically integrated※2 into the auction system.

Service 3

AI automatically identifies exterior scratches and dents.

Automatically and swiftly handles the detection of parts, scratches, and dents, reflecting them in the schematic diagram.

Service 4

Quickly assess the condition of used cars.

Buyers of used cars can efficiently and accurately understand the condition of vehicles through 360° views.

※1 360° cameras, such as the RICOH THETA, are used in conjunction with smartphone apps for interior photography. 
※2 We offer APIs tailored to existing auction systems.
※RICOH THETA is a registered trademark of Ricoh Company, Ltd. 
※The image displayed above is for illustrative purposes only.

Case Studies

Introducing companies that achieved positive outcomes by implementing 360°Auction.

How to Use

Posting registration can be completed in just three steps within three minutes.

Step 1

Launch the app.

First, launch the 360°Auction® photography app from your smartphone.

Step 2

Photograph the interior and exterior.

Next, use a 360° camera to photograph the interior and then capture a full 360° view of the vehicle's exterior.

Step 3

Automatically register the listing with the auction system.

The captured 360° views can be automatically linked and listed in the auction system's listings immediately.

Demonstration of 360°Auction®

Experience 360°Auction®.


AI automatically identifies defects such as scratches and dents on the vehicle's exterior, and the identified defects are automatically recorded onto the schematic diagram.


AI automatically corrects areas in the vehicle's interior that require adjustment, such as dark spots or backlighting, resulting in clear images.

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360°Auction® Official App

360°Auction® is an application that allows for the easy capture of 360° images of both the exterior and interior of used cars, and the created 360° views can be automatically uploaded and listed on the auction system.

※The 360°Auction® app is not available for public release and is provided exclusively to contracted clients.

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※The image displayed above is for illustrative purposes only.